1. It is compulsory for students to maintain 80% attendance in the current academic session in order to be eligible to take the final exams except on medical grounds.
  2. A child who has been absent on the previous day/days will be allowed to the class only on production of a leave application duly signed by the parent stating reason for the same.
  3. Leave on medical grounds will be entertained on production of a medical certificate by an authorized physician.
  4. A student suffering from the following illness must observe the prescribed period of quarantine before returning to class:
  • Whooping Cough : six weeks.
  • Chicken Pox : till complete falling of scabs.
  • Cholera / Jaundice : till the child is completely well.
  • Measles: two weeks after rashes disappear.
  • Mumps: till the swelling has gone i.e. about one month.
  1. Leave for going out of station should be sanctioned by the school authorities, prior to proceeding on leave.
  2. Students absenting themselves on tests or exams without prior sanction will be awarded a zero in that test or examination.
  1. All students are expected to attend the school on the opening day after each vacation.
  2. In case a student stops attending the school without any prior information to the school authority his/her name will be struck off from school roll after six consecutive days of absence and re-admission will be granted only after seeking a written permission from Principal and depositing the re-admission fee ( 1500).


  1. A minimum of 80% attendance is required during the session.
  2. Promotion will be granted to the student on the basis of his/her overall performance during the academic session (According to the directives issued by C.B.S.E, New Delhi).